IoT, Architecture Optimisation

Case Study: Refactoring the IoT software infrastructure for an indoor entertainment product.

About our client

A leading provider of indoor entertainment experiences with sites in multiple countries across the globe and a continuously increasing base of players in the size of millions. They have a unique approach that combines premium quality environments and technology to produce innovative, physically interactive games for families and friends.

The challenge

Our client developed a new set of games that required the implementation of a complex Internet of Things (IoT) network on every site. All IoT devices used Arduino microcontrollers to collect data from various sensors and interact with a central database to read and update game status information. The same information was also shared with and updated by various Unity and Electron apps via a legacy API. During the initial tests of the new games, several technical problems appeared which had direct impact on player experience. Despite the efforts, it proved very difficult to identify the root causes of these problems.

The Solution

Technologies used

.NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, MySQL, Arduino, New Relic