Blockchain, Smart Contracts, DApps

Case Study: Innovative decentralised platform on the Ethereum blockchain network.

How it started

Kryptium team was initially assembled to develop an innovative fully decentralised P2P (peer-to-peer) betting platform based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The goal was to democratise betting by enabling anybody to set up their own betting house without requiring any technical knowledge or serious investment. User-generated betting houses could cover a huge “unserved” market which consists of:

  • casual/social betting within closed groups such as friends, colleagues and team members,
  • betting in minor leagues, regional championships and non-mainstream sports which are not supported by traditional sportsbook operators, and
  • betting in non-sports markets such as elections, TV shows, film and music awards or even financial markets.

The challenge

The plan was to create a decentralised platform that would be to betting what the BitTorrent protocol is to file sharing. That meant no centralised websites that can be taken down or blocked, no back-end servers that can be tracked or seized and no user management requirements that could expose the identity of a user.

The Solution

Technologies used

.NET Core, ASP.NET Core, SQLite, Electron, Vue.js, IPFS, Solidity, Nethereum